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Thanks for the visit and welcome to my site. My name is Delores and I have built this site to showcase my artistic endeavors and to offer my work for sale. I have one business partner, my daughter Ché, whose belief in me keeps me doing this. She is with me each step of the way and offers so much to Deloresart. Read more about her role here. My husband Terry is also a big part of the Deloresart team.

Deloresart art pieces are individually signed by request. Art is available for sale on this site and is sold at quality craft sales in Canada.

The Deloresart product line includes plaque-mounted original artwork adapted to wall and shelf art pieces as well as pillows, mirrors, clocks, and numerous other items. All art can be purchased in the form of greeting or postcards and on all of the items and customization is available. All items are low-maintenance and easy-care.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate the Deloresart gift you purchase. Pass on the site address info to your friends and acquaintances. Also, sign up for our email promos here. Read more on the profile page!


New items produced monthly - check out my store for new artwork.

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Call any time. I'd like to assist you with your choices.
Thank you.


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