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The colours of nature and my intuition guide my art: my most generous muses are light and sunshine.

My work ranges through multiple media: my confidence with acrylic paint, ink, marker, collage, pencil, pastels, pencil crayon, watercolour, and digital editing provide many ready paths of self-expression.

My creative process can be seen as guided by nature, too. Often, I don’t plan how a piece will ultimately look, but work in many layers, creating new relationships and deepening the complexity, intricacy and subtlety of the images over time. Sometimes, I will put a piece away and come back to it and see the possibilities previously hidden. I accept the gifts that time, as well as nature, reveal to me. I am filled with awe and draw motivation from the work of other artists; I believe that nature and art are about abundance. There is always more beauty to breathe in and breathe out.

Combining visual images and wonderful words to communicate has been a lifelong passion: as a child I read voraciously and loved to write and illustrate books. I also created my own drawings and patterns to sew. These influences are still present in the patterns of my current work.

I was an art educator for 30 years at the high school level. My own education took place at Red River College, Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University and has been honed through decades of graphic design experience and my work as a professional artist.

I am conscious that during tough times art has been therapeutic for me, and it is my desire that the art I create comforts and uplifts others in a similar way.

As much as I am a commercial artist creating art that is easily reproduced for sale, it is still a fine art process until it gels.
Sometimes it all starts with a special request and from there it develops to be a saleable piece.
The bottom line is that I still like getting my hands dirty and experimenting.
Here are some of the pieces I have done by hand.
Eventually you will see these techniques incorporated into backgrounds on plaques, clocks, magnets etc.

All art on the site is available as a giclée gallery wrapped canvas with or without lettering and also as a pillow.

See the artsheets for other work by Delores Orridge Naskrent.








pretty petals painting

pretty petals pillow