When asked what her inspiration is, Delores Orridge will tell you that she has often been moved by the written word:
“People can get such a lift from reading the quotes. I love to collect them. These quotes are meaningful to people; they spend a long time reading them. Some have been moved to tears. It’s amazing and rewarding to watch. That keeps me going -- knowing I can touch people in that way.”

The Deloresart product line includes plaque-mounted original artwork adapted to wall and shelf art pieces as well as mirrors, clocks, candles and numerous other items. Delores' previous experience working on contract to design for the well known gift distributor, RUSS, has helped her in developing a diverse product line with great price points. The inspirational phrases she uses on her artwork have been translated into French on some of the pieces.

Delores was born and raised in southern Manitoba, Canada. Most of her life has centered around the community of Brandon, Manitoba, a city of 40,000 people. After graduation from high school, where she studied graphic design, she moved to Winnipeg to pursue a career in the graphic arts trade. Ten years of working in various aspects of the profession eventually lead to the opportunity for a teaching job in Brandon, Manitoba.

Delores’ illustrative work incorporates the use of many materials and techniques and all of the work is original art. Her skills as a graphic designer gives her work a wide appeal and is easily adapted to numerous items.

It was upon return to the community that she began to experiment with ideas for retail products. Her art has continued to develop and has a unique flair. Her business now employs herself and her daughter, Ché, a business major, as well as a number of casual workers, including all of the other members of the family! Ché is in charge of the business and production components of the business, leaving Delores free to focus on the creative. They have a production facility and a woodworking shop on their beautiful property in the country.

Ché participates in craft sales and enjoys travelling and meeting new people. This experience has helped her to anticipate current trends. She also finds it rewarding to get customer input and reactions to new pieces. Deloresart enjoys many repeat sales at craft shows and through traffic to the website. Wholesale accounts thrive with great sales in their retail locations.

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